Demo Reel


All Animation, Lighting and Rendering by Me (Desmond Ying)

Seq 1 – Acting “Status Quo”
Dialogue from Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog

Seq 2 – Horse Walk

Seq 3 – Money Chase

Seq 4 – Acting “It’s not so bad”
Dialogue from Firefly

Seq 5 – Horse Gallop

Seq 6 – Parkour

Seq 7 – Walkaway and Dive

Rigs used:
Max Rig by the Peter Starostin
Rhett the Clydesdale by Christopher Carson & Tim Mayo
Norman Rig by Leif Jeffers, Morgan Loomis, Peter Starostin and Neal Thibodeaux
Eleven Rig by the 11 second club community